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Tourists return to Tunisia after terror

Tunisia is still counting the cost of the worst terror attacks in its modern history. In 2015, ISIS attacks in Sousse and Tunis killed 60 people. The majority of the victims were European tourists. The attacks took a heavy toll on the country's t...


Watch Rare White Giraffes Spotted in Kenya

The unique giraffes suffer from a genetic condition called leucism, which prevents pigmentation in skin cells and results in a white, pale colour. The rangers got the information from a villager who claimed to have sighted a pair of rare white gir...


Going Home: An Afro Existentialist Discovery of Art and Nature at Great Huts, Jamaica

It was in my college French literature class that I first heard a term for a certain feeling that I have wrestled with for a lot of my adult life: mal a l'aise. A simple translation might be something...


Macufe is a cultural-based festival that showcases

Macufe is a cultural-based festival that showcases a wide range of African arts and culture to the world. It is held in Bloemfontein every year. Macufe, the ten-day Mangaung African Cultural Festival, showcases the cream of African and internation...


Africa: Tanzania Named Africa's Leading Safari Destination

Tanzania is Africa's best safari destination, according to, the largest online marketplace for African safari tours.The website conducted an analysis of more than 2,500 expert and safari-goer reviews and declared Tanzania th...


Flying Safari with Mahali Mzuri and Finch Hattons

Get the family together and head to Mahali Mzuri for an unbeatable adventure you’ll remember forever! Located in Kenya's exclusive Olare Motorogi Private Conservancy, Mahali Mzuri offers an exciting safari packed with abundant wildlife a...