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Pineapple quality control

‘Sugarloaf’ and ‘Smooth Cayenne’ are the two main varieties of pineapple grown in Benin republic , but there have been some reports showing a high concentration of Ethephon used to speed up the pineapple ripening process.


Kenya restarts maize subsidy ahead of elections

Kenya's President Uhuru Kenyatta has announced that the government will re-introduce the maize subsidy which had been stopped after the general election in August.

Speaking at the Nairobi International Trade Fair yesterday, he said:<...


Western Cape Culls 200 000 Chickens in Attempt to Curb Bird Flu

Alan Winde, Minister of Economic Opportunities and the state vet team briefed media on the current regional outbreak of avian influenza in the province.

Highlights include:

17 cases confirmed

46 ostrich farms under qu...


Astonishing!!! Cows embrace evidence to defeating HIV

Cows have shown an "insane" and "mind-blowing" ability to tackle HIV which will help develop a vaccine, say US researchers.

In a first for immunization, the animals rapidly produced special types of antibody that can ...


Nigeria looks to 'white gold' for economic recovery

KANO, Nigeria - Hamisu Haruna and his men are bent over, turning the earth under a relentless sun. The work is hard in this impoverished part of northern Nigeria but the harvest will be good. "In the last two years, my yield has jumped to 35 ...


Government to transform agricultural sector

The government is looking into transforming the agricultural sector so that it allows the entry of black people to participate meaningfully in the economy and the food production value chain. The agriculture sector has been identified as a key pla...


With more than one crop, farmers weather armyworm attacks

NYATIKE, Kenya - In the fields visible from the bumpy dirt road leading to Ongare Owuoda's home, acres of maize plants with sagging leaves suggest farmers here will reap a poor harvest this season. Owuoda, however, is not worried. "I am r...


Seed company rolls out maize variety for arid and semi-arid areas

Kenya - The East Africa Seed Company has rolled out a drought-resistant maize variety which takes 90 days to mature. The new maize variety, Tosheka, is targeting the semi-arid areas of Eastern and North-Eastern but can also do well in high altitud...