Russel Goreraza Dumps Pregnant South African Lover

His mother attracted global infamy when she used the convenience of diplomatic immunity to evade the law after allegedly using an electric cable to beat up a South African model she found in a hotel with her younger playboy sons.

Now it has emerged that former first lady Grace Mugabe's son by first husband Stanley Goreraza has also been perpetrating his own notoriety across the Limpopo, allegedly knocking up a local student and then doing a runner.

Pregnant South African student Dineo Gwendoline, 22, this week told NewZimbabwe.com that she has been abandoned by Russell Goreraza.

Dineo is distraught because Russell does not want to hear from her and has apparently boasts that he is untouchable because he "doesn't live in South Africa, isn't a citizen and might never actually return."

The whereabouts of the older of Grace Mugabe's truant brood remains unclear after the family scattered in the wake of last month's mi